Corduin, Monk, and Kamilo

Last time Corduin Calamir met back with his mother who instructed him not to hill his sister. She gave him the key to the Tower of Innocents. The group hesitantly followed the young cleric inside the lobby. They all signed their names into the Guestbook of Innocents. The next room was filled with fire rune traps as they headed north(?). They discovered a library and a room full of ghouls. After narrowly escaping  death the Ward headed out to discover the ghosts of innocence meandering about. The ghosts attacked against their will. Kamilo barely escaped to discover the Lovely Ladies had shown up. The Monk was knocked unconscious and possessed by a ghost as Corduin slowly drowned in a pool of acid. A quick final prayer to Torag lifted him to the surface as he was merely saved by the hand of God. Escaping and heading back to the capital city they dropped the ladies at the castle and headed south to orp. As Corduin had been tasked with journeying to the Ruined Temple of Torag deep in the desert. 


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